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    Founded in 1993, Guangdong Zhongke Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company controlled by Guangdong Academy of Sciences Holding Co., LTD. Since its establishment, Zhongke Company has always been committed to providing customers with efficient, quality service, adhering to the standard and law-abiding business style. Thirty years, never forget the original intention, trials and hardships, so that the company to maintain a sustainable, efficient, steady development. The business scope of China Science Corporation covers import business, export busin...

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    About us
    · Company Profile
    · Corporate Culture
    · Development
    · Organization
    · Partners
    Main Business
    · Import business
    · Export business
    · Domestic supply chain
    · Agent tendering business
    · Offshore business
    After-sales Services
    · Service Features

    Zhongke Scientific & Technical Co., Ltd.
    Address:Room 102A, Building 9, No. 100 Xianlie Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510070, China
    Tel:+86(0)20-3765 6268
    Fax:+86(0)20-8768 2371 +86(0)20-8768 1505

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