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Deciding To Buy A Fixer-Upper

Sep 25, 2019
f you are a fan of HGTV, you have probably seen your fair share of fixer-uppers. TV shows tend to make everything l [more]
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Finding The Right Home For You

Sep 24, 2019
If you’re a first time home buyer, the stress of choosing the perfect house for your family can feel overwhelming a [more]
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Sep 24, 2019
Technology advances are constantly happening all around us and it can be hard to keep up. While you may be eyeing t [more]
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Tips To Get Settled In A New Home

Jun 16, 2018
Moving into a new home? We know how exciting it can be! We’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do after your [more]
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Debunking Myths To Home Buying

May 14, 2018
Finally ready to make the transition into home ownership? That’s awesome, and in this exciting time you can b [more]
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Why You Need To Sell This Summer

May 10, 2018
The market is hot, hot, hot! With interest rates at an all time low for buyers, the market has turned into a feedin [more]
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Why Now Is The Time To Buy

May 02, 2018
If you have been considering purchasing a home, you may be curious to know if this is the right time in the market [more]
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Relay For Life 2018

Apr 16, 2018
Relay For Life is an amazing fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, traveling to over 5000 communities and 20 [more]
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